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I call Elizabeth Tousley my life-asaver. For over two decades I have lived with a bad back that totally incapacitated me each year for several weeks. Physical therapy prescribed by a series of doctors gave me only temporary relief. I really thought that this was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

A little over four years ago I was directed to Elizabeth. She developed a series of exercise and strengthening regimens that have totally eased my back pain. I have not only regained mobility and strength, but I no longer live in dread of being bent over and in pain.

- S.

I had previously visited Elizabeth for assistance with chronic lower back pain with which I had been living for the previous 6 years. My daily regime still involved inflammation and pain medication.

In desperation, upon arrival into DC I called Elizabeth, and because of my schedule she kindly agreed to see me on a Sunday afternoon. Elizabeth explained this new technique, Neurokinetic Therapy. Over the next 2 hours she took me through the evaluation and exercises.

Results are the finest measure of success. The next weekend I played 72 holes of golf, carrying my bag without having to resort to any form of pain medication.

I fully endorse the procedure.

- S.

For the past two years Elizabeth has been helping me to get my mind and body to stop arguing with each other and work as a team! As a result I am now stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my 66 years on this planet.

With Elizabeth there is no hype, no dogma, just a deep understanding of how the body works. And when it's not working quite the way it should, she is a caring and patient listener who invariably pinpoints the problem and comes up with a solution -- often a surprising one that helps the student comprehend the way the parts of the body are interconnected. With her medical background and knowledge of Pilates and other methods, Elizabeth has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. In the tradition of Pilates himself, she is truly both a teacher and a healer.

- H.

I have/had been an athlete all my life until one day when, without an injury event, I could not move. I experienced 3 years of constant debilitating pain. Then I met Elizabeth.

She has taught me not only how to stretch myself to relieve pain when I experience it, but has worked with me so that I can lead an active fun life again. It has been a journey and she has been with me every step of the way. After years of pain, I never thought I would have a day without pain and often I have several days in a row without pain. Elizabeth is dedicated to each client individually and gets results. If one thing does not work, she finds another way. Thanks to Elizabeth's preseverance, I am living an active life again.

- M.

Elizabeth is an outstanding trainer. She has great expertise in Ki-Hara, Pilates, body core exercises and weight training. She is extremely knowledgeable about body dynamics and carefully watches to ensure that one is performing the exercise correctly and with proper form. Further, her advanced knowledge of anatomy enables her to "stretch" areas in a dynamic and effective manner. Further, if one has or is recovering from training injuries, she is extremely careful in suggesting workouts that will heal and not aggravate any injured areas. Her pleasant, upbeat manner and knowledge make training sessions a joy.

- A.

I train with Elizabeth because she brings her medical background of nursing into a layman's terms as she is so knowledgeable about the body- bones and muscles. She has wonderful health suggestions. Elizabeth shows interest in me, by explaining why certain exercises are necessary and which ones precede others. Elizabeth is truly a caring person, as she takes the time to explain each exercise and gives encouragement along the way.

- C.

I have been a long-term and chronic sufferer of neck and upper back pain. After trying a number of physio therapists, I began working with Elizabeth Tousley. She is tremendously experienced and uses the knowledge and skills to devise a program of exercises that has brought me great relief. She keeps changing the regimen as my condition changes. This is thanks to Elizabeth for all the help she has provided. I look forward to her help in the future.

- J.

I am a national level swimmer who first experienced back problems in 2011. Like many dedicated athletes, I foolishly tried to deny the obvious issue and train through the pain, making the problem much worse. I turned to anything I could think of to fix my injury, including chiropractic attention and physical therapy, but saw no noticeable results. I became very frustrated, feeling that chiropractics could offer me no long-term relief, and that any work done in normal physical therapy was trumped by the pounding that my body took in the water. Just as I was at my wits end, my Dad discovered Ki-Hara resistance training. Desperate, I jumped at the suggestion.

I knew right away that Ki-Hara was different. It was a program with a philosophy that made sense to me, and trainers who encouraged me to work just as hard, only in a different way, instead of instructing me to sit on the sidelines! I can honestly say that my body made a 180 degree turn. I discovered a TON about my body, not just from Elizabeth’s extensive knowledge of musculature, but also on my own as I felt my body making new connections and translating them into the water. I discovered problems I never would have realized that I had, and was actually pleased, because I knew that Elizabeth could help me fix them. It just meant more room for improvement for in the water! For the first time, my “homework” in physical therapy felt applicable instead of futile, and my therapist took an active concern over my welfare.

I was shocked to see how much ground I could cover, and how different my body could feel week to week. I am more flexible and connected with my body than I could have thought possible in such a short amount of time, and am back to training almost completely pain free. I was also able to drop time in areas that had been stagnant for several years! While my back problems have not completely vanished, they are so much more manageable, and I am now about to enter my first year of college swimming with way more confidence than I ever could have imagined! I am a big believer in Ki-Hara, and am so thankful that I found Elizabeth!

- A.