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What can I do for you?

  • Reduce chronic pain by retraining dysfunctional neuromotor patterns.
  • Build muscle in areas of injury or weakness, so that your body is in balance, but not bulky.
  • Develop your kinesthetic awareness, improving posture and decreasing risk of injury.
  • Extend your range of motion by training strength and flexibility simultaneously.
  • Activate muscles, increasing power and efficiency throughout your movement range.
  • Improve balance by recruiting and retraining core stability muscles to fire automatically.
  • Enhance your physiological and psychological health by refining the way your body performs daily activities.

Why train with me?

Whether you're rehabbing an injury, working toward a fitness goal, or just trying to stay active, you may find yourself sidelined by tightness, weakness, or pain. I'll teach you to streamline the subtle interactions between your muscles, tendons, fascia, bones, and motor control center.

  • I draw on a lifetime of practical and academic knowledge to help people improve the way their bodies function.
  • Instead of targeting one or two "broken" areas, I treat the chain of muscles and tendons that leads to them.
  • I teach my clients about their bodies, and why they may not be working properly.
  • Whether your injuries are chronic or acute, you can expect an individualized and creative training plan.
  • I encourage my clients to communicate openly with me so that we can work as a team to achieve their goals.